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when you realize they weren’t waving at you


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Oscars 2014 pizza moments!

this whole post is gold

people make fun of America and our consumption rates of everything and our over-glorification of celebrities and maybe I’m reading too far into this but how cute is this just a bunch of celebrities at a formal awards show getting down to earth and sharing a beautiful American pasttime and they’re all smiling and everyone just loves pizza and they’re all enjoying it and I think this was a beautiful moment and I’m not even being sarcastic

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The pioneer, the creator, the explorer is generally a single, lonely person rather than a group, struggling all alone with his inner conflicts, fears, defenses against arrogance and pride, even against paranoia. He has to be a courageous man, not afraid to stick his neck out, not afraid even to make mistakes, well aware that he is, as Polanyi has stressed, a kind of gambler who comes to tentative conclusions in the absence of facts and then spends some years trying to figure out if his hunch was correct. If he has any sense at all, he is of course scared of his own ideas, of his temerity, and is well aware that he is affirming what he cannot prove.

— ― A.H. Maslow (via psych-quotes)

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Get to know me meme — [1/5] Favorite Movies: Third Star

“So I raise a morphine toast to you all, and if you should happen to remember, it is the anniversary of my birth. Remember that you were loved by me and that you made my life a happy one, and there is no tragedy in that.”
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This is so intriguing

Need to get more.

this shit just LOOKS painful idk how yalll do it

it’s a really enjoyable pain

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